Learn how to interpret the essential body composition metrics and how to identify basic body composition shapes and types

Chapters 3 & 4: Advanced Analysis


Learn how to recognize body water & muscle imbalances, Visceral Fat levels, and much more

Chapter 5: Use Cases

Learn how real InBody clients are using the Result Sheet to improve their services and grow their businesses

What You'll Find Inside...

- A section-by-section introduction to each area of the result sheet, in plain, easy-to-understand terminology

- Practical tips and applications for applying the information to your programs

- Examples of different body compositions you may encounter and what they can reveal about your client's progress

- Use cases from Chuze Fitness, Restoration Healthcare, and NASA Johnson Space Center

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"The InBody is just another touch point in a coaching-based facility that gives us the opportunity to restate our position and what they need to be doing, or maybe shift gears, or maybe guide our clients into another solution. It's key for us."

Rick Mayo
Alloy Personal Training 

The Professional's Guide to 
The InBody Result Sheet

How to read, understand, and use the InBody Result Sheet for your business

"The information on the InBody then creates the questions that you ask, and it pretty much dictates the way the conversation goes with the patient."

Dr. Tricia Paulson 
True Health Naturopathic Medicine 

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Chapters 1 & 2: 
Body Comp Basics


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